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A group of experts who lend their skills, guidance, and knowledge to an organization.

Sunil Srivastava

Founder "SAY 2 U GROUP"

Sammy Kotwani

Advisory Board Member

Anil Kumar

Co-Founder & General Editor SAY 2 U "

Mr.Abhay Kumar

Technical Advisor

Swami Sandeepani


International Speaker! Mystically working for Human Transformation! Social-Reformer! Social-Reformer! Transcending lives!

Mr.Pradeep Mahajan

Advisory Board Member

Mr.Pradeep Mahajan

Advisory Board Member

Pt. Pawan Kaushik

Advisory Board Member

Our Executive Team

Welcome to the dynamic team of Bharat Diary's esteemed channel partners! As an integral part of our network, our channel partners play a pivotal role in extending the reach of Bharat Diary's premium products and services across diverse markets

Mr. V Chauhan

Channel Partner

Area : Delhi NCR


Channel Partner

Area: Kerala

Bashisht Prasad



Mrs. A Sharma

Channel Partner

Area : Delhi NCR

Mr A Aggarwal

Channel partner

Area : Madhya Pradesh




Excellence Enforcers Team

Excellence Enforcers Team is dedicated to ensuring that quality remains at the forefront of every aspect of a project or operation

Dr Om Prakash

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