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What is Digital Bharat diary?

This is national platform of numerous Zila Diary /District Diary.

Is relation between Zila diary or Bharat Diary?

About SAY 2 U group?

Why online promotion need?

Future of online portion?

Is banner option on web portal?

How online promotion will help to grow my local business?

Is banner option on web portal?

How it can help to local business / services?

Benefit to registration on portal?

How much time to take publish my business card on portal?

Editing window for displayed information !

Which way it is local ?

Is it organized or corporate ?

Vision of this web organization ?

When bharat diary web porgrame started ?

When SAY 2 U group founded ?

Have experienced in print media work?

How connected to common people ?

Why registration cost is too low ?

In first phase how many city taken to develop digital city?

Instrument for business/services information?

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