Situated about 13 km from the district headquarters,zeeradei is known as the birthplace of India's first president Dr. Rajendra Prasad,who was later conferred Bharat Ratna. Popularly called Rajendra babu by his friends and followers, Dr Prasad was a symbol of simplicity,truth and dedication. 

This place is known as the native residence of Maulana Mazharul Haq,one of the greatest freedom fighters of the country and a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity 
Anand Bagh Math & Sunder Bagh Math

Situated at Bakhri village in Siswan block of Siwanthe two temples are in fact "samadhi sthals" of two renowned saints,Swami Jaggannath Das ji and his guru Bhagwan das ji.Both the temples are located near the Daha river and thousands of devotees visit these temples every year.On auspicious days,there's a huge rush of people as devotees from far flung places like Uttar Pradesh,West Bengal and New Delhi besides saran,Gopalganj,Jehanabad and Ara in Bihar come here. 
Mahendra Nath Temple 
Situated in Mehdar village under Siswan block, about 32 km south from the district headquarters, Mahendra Nath temple of Lord Shiva attracts visitors,including foreigners, from far flung areas.  

Situated about 27 km south from the district head quarters,Raghunathpur is the place where Lord Rama is believed to have taken rest after killing demon Tarka near Buxar.Later, Lord Rama proceeded to Janakpur Dham after crossing river Saryu. 

This place symbolises the affectionate relationship between a brother and his sister.There exists a temple of brother-sister at Bhikhabandh village under the Maharjganj block of the district.According to folklore,a brother and sister laid down their lives fighting Mughals in the 14th century 
Panchmukhi Shivalinga

There's an old Shiva temple in Mahadeva locality of Siwan town which houses a "panchmukhi" or five faced Shivalinga. Locals insist the Shivlinga in the temple come out of the earth.One can also see the faces of Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh on the Shivalinga. Hundreds of devotees throng this temple every day.On Mahashivratri,a fair is also held here.

Burhiya Mai Temple

Located on east-northern portion of Gandhi Maidan in Siwan town, this temple draws huge crowd of devotees, especiallyon Saturdays.Locals believe one's wishes are fulfilled after worshipping the deity here. Offerings include new saris,fruits,flowers and coconuts. 



Amarpur is a village situated 3 Kms. West of Darauli, in this village ruins of mosque of red bricks on the bank of river Ghaghara are still available. This mosque was build during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan (1626-1658) under the supervision of the Naib Amar Singh but the work was left incomplete. The village derived its name from the builder of the mosque Amar Singh.


Faridpur situated just near Andar is the birthplace of Maulana Mazharul Haque who played an important role during the freedom movement. Sadaquat Ashram in Patna, which originally belonged to him. He was a symbol of Hindu Muslim unity. 


A block headquarter now is said to be have been founded after the name of Dara Shikoh the elder son of the Emperor Shahjahan. It name was Daras Ali, which later on was changed into Darauli. There is reminiscence of Mughal period ruins where a big mela is held every year on the Kartik Purnima. 


1. A village in the Darauli block where there are remnants of a fort, which is said to be connected with the famous hero of the Mahabharat, Acharya Dronacharya the guru of both Kaurav’s and Pandav’s.